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Web-Based Whole-Building Energy Diagnostics

Energy Expert analyses.

NorthWrite's monitoring window for the whole-building energy tracking, known as the Energy Expert.

Funded by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), PNNL is working with NorthWrite Inc. to develop and deploy automated diagnostic technologies via the World Wide Web. The Whole Building Energy diagnostician (WBE) and the Outdoor-Air Economizer diagnostician (OAE) developed under funding from the Building Technologies (BT) Program of DOE and field tested under funding from both BT and the California Energy Commission are being converted to web-based tools by PNNL and NorthWrite.

Monthly historical display.
Users can access historical results in monthly displays simply by the click of a mouse button. Placing the mouse over the Details button for any day on the calendar reveals the expected use, actual use, and cost impacts for the day.

The web tools are then being tested in a select set of federal facilities to evaluate their usefulness, assess their value, and create case studies that can serve as examples in the use of web-based automated diagnostic tools for other federal installations. Subscribers can access the tools from anywhere simply by using a web browser running on a computer with an Internet connection. There is no need to install software on each user’s computer.

These tools will be offered by NorthWrite as part of their commercial web-based facility management software suite. This suite is provided to users as a subscription service. The diagnostic engines for these tools will be available for commercialization by interested parties. For more information on licensing and commercialization, contact Michael Brambley or Carl Imhoff at PNNL.

Graph of daily values.
Clicking on the Details button reveals a graph comparing daily values for expected and actual consumption over the last 7 days.

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